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Will you speak up for me?

No single organization can beat malaria—we must all work together to do our part against this killer disease. The Imagine No Malaria advocacy network urges support from the U.S. Congress to protect funding for malaria programs in Africa.

Help urge action from Congress to preserve U.S. global health funds to help prevent deaths from malaria. In the past, this issue has received support from both Democrats and Republicans. Because when it comes to saving lives, we all have a part to play.

You can raise your voice in three ways:

1. Join the SWAT Team: Text SWAT to 27722 and sign the petition to save lives. We will bring it to Washington D.C. and make sure your voice is heard.

2. Send an email: Visit the Action Center to send an email to your elected officials! Include your own personal message or use our template to help.

3. Can you hear us now? Call 202-224-3121 to leave a message and let your elected officials know that you believe Global Health Funding is important and should be protected in the U.S. budget.

4. The forgotten letter: An old-fashioned letter is so rarely used anymore that it can be a very effective tool to get noticed. We’ve got a great template you can use to get started! Click here to view and download our advocacy letter >>


Seminary students from Africa visit members of Congress to ask for renewed Federal support in the fight agaisnt malaria.

Helpful Tips!

Not sure what to say? Plan on being brief, but here are three quick points to help you spread the message:

  • We are grateful that funding for global health and malaria programs was protected in last year’s budget.
  • Each year, we continue to make life-saving progress against malaria. We must continue to or risk losing the critical gains we have made.
  • The United Methodist Church is committed to raising $75 million as part of a global response to malaria.
  • We all have a part to play in this fight against diseases of poverty like malaria.  Please stand with us as we work to save lives from this killer disease.

Together, we will SWAT malaria!

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