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Every 60 seconds, malaria claims a life in Africa. Millions of lives, needlessly lost each year. A continent. Entire nations…slipping away. Slipping through life’s precious net. Unless you hear the buzzing inside you.

Imagine No Malaria is an extraordinary effort of the people of The United Methodist Church, putting our faith into action to end preventable deaths by malaria in Africa, especially the death of a child or a mother.

Achieving this goal requires an integrated strategy against the disease. As a life-saving ministry, Imagine No Malaria aims to empower the people of Africa to overcome malaria’s burden. We fight malaria with a comprehensive model.

The Plan To Eliminate Death and Suffering from Malaria

Imagine No Malaria helps us take the next step in this fight. Think of it as Nets Plus. We continue to support Nothing But Nets and build partnerships, because bed nets are an effective tool against the disease. We’re doing more…improving Infrastructure, Communications, EducationRead more >>

What is Malaria?

It’s been killing for thousands of years; since the time of King Tut.  But it stops now.  It’s time to stand together. We’re talking about a disease that we eliminated in the U.S. in the 1950s, but Africa was left behind. So, what exactly are we fighting?  Read more >>

Global Partners Standing Together

We are not alone. Imagine No Malaria has partners to help make beating malaria a reality. We work with organizations who are global leaders in the fight against malaria and other diseases of poverty. Read more >>


Gifts made through the Mother's Day campaign represent a gift to the entire Imagine No Malaria effort to help the most number of people move toward healing and wholeness.
We use your gifts where they can do the most good by pooling them with the gifts of others to help transform communities. Your gift is tax deductible.