The Plan

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So, how will we do it? How will we eliminate deaths from a disease that has killed so many millions of people for thousands of years? Imagine No Malaria helps us take the next step in this fight.

We continue to support Nothing But Nets, because bed nets are an effective tool against the disease. We’re doing more.

First and foremost, we work in full partnership with communities in Africa. Empowering people to be part of the solution. Providing the tools needed so they can fight malaria.

So here’s the plan: The United Methodist Church is  using nearly 200 years experience in Africa to work against malaria. This comprehensive approach is divided into four main parts:

Prevention: We are  improving the ways people fight the disease locally:  Using bed nets. Access to diagnostic tests and medicine. Draining standing water. Improving sanitation.  Every person can take steps to prevent malaria deaths, from protective measures to taking swift action when malaria symptoms begin.
Treatment: Improving infrastructure. There are literally hundreds of churches, schools, hospitals and clinics operated by The United Methodist Church in Africa, but what good are they if medicines to treat malaria aren’t available?  We’ll make sure these facilities have the diagnostic tests and treatment needed to save lives.
Education: We are reaching out to those who need it most. We trained thousands of local people in African communities to teach their communities about avoiding malaria. For example in  Sierra Leone, Angola, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo  these workers went door-to-door to deliver bed nets, installed them in homes and tought people  how to properly use and care for the nets.
Communications: And finally, your support helps upgrade communications networks throughout the continent. Building new radio stations and providing hand-crank and solar-powered radios will ensure we are reaching great numbers of people with life-saving information about malaria.

What makes us so sure? We are putting in place a system of accountability. By establishing health boards in Africa, these groups will be held responsible for stewardship of your donation and results, putting funds to work with a plan that creates malaria programs that truly serve the needs of their local communities. We now have 12 trained health boards in 16 African countries.   These boards will be eligible to receive more funding from our partners like The Global Fund.

Gifts made through the Mother's Day campaign represent a gift to the entire Imagine No Malaria effort to help the most number of people move toward healing and wholeness.
We use your gifts where they can do the most good by pooling them with the gifts of others to help transform communities. Your gift is tax deductible.