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Please help SWAT malaria!

By now, you probably know Imagine No Malaria is  a comprehensive approach against a disease that claims a life every 60 seconds.

You may also know that it only takes a $10 donation to save a child's life in Africa.

But, this is a fight we cannot win without help. No individual or organization working alone will overcome malaria. It will truly take a global village of compassion and generosity to end preventable deaths from malaria.

This is the easy part!

You can add your name to the growing list of supporters by send a text message from your phone. Text the word SWAT to 27722, sign our online petition and speak up for the children of Africa.

The Imagine No Malaria petition to save lives will serve as a platform for United Methodists to show support for the global fight against malaria. This important tool will be shared with United Methodist Church leaders to reaffirm the work of this ministry, our malaria partners to show the breadth of support of United Methodist Church, and elected officials in Congress to urge continued financial support for global health and malaria programs.

That's it. Simple. Your voice will be heard as we urge others to stay the course, renew commitments and increase support for the fight against malaria.

It's a quick and easy way to say "I care about this effort and I'm willing to stand with the families in Africa against malaria."

Becoming an advocate is a great way to get your friends, family and neighbors involved, too. Because when it comes to saving lives, we all have a part to play.

Learn more about becoming an advocate >>

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